The chief object of this book is to impress on the reader how the vicissitudes of middle life react unfavourably on health and how the practice of yoga asanas — the well-known poses-mentioned in the Yogic literature of India counteracts this tendency towards ill-health.

In his work, the author has endeavoured to show the physiological importance of the asanas from his own personal experience, thus making the practice of this ancient science acceptable to the highly scientific mind as well as the layman.

In his Foreword Lt. Col. S. L. Bhalia writes: “Dr. V. G. Rele is to be congratulated on the clear exposition and the sound physiological interpretation which he has presented here.”

The value of the book is considerably enhanced by a large number of excellent photographs of the many poses shown in different stages. At the present time, when there is a growing realization of the importance and need of physical culture in daily life, this book will meet a real need, for the asanas if rightly practised, “rejuvenate the body, prevent premature ageing, maintain eternal youth and defy death.