Kammic Psychology The Secret of Life

S. Gunatilaka

From ``The Buddhist’‘ October, 1966

TODAY there is a worldwide renaissance. The peoples of the world are meeting together, more often, on common fronts. The cultural contributions they make are opening up vistas from which the cobwebs of superstition are wiped. The East produced the Psychologists, the West only Professors of Psychology. The Eastern Adepts knew more about Psycho-physical mechanism than do Western Anatomists, Physiologists and Psychologists. Scientific and Psychological investigation of the West now support the ancient Asian tradition that the study of life could be made with success mainly through psychic means. The West has met the East. Rebirth or Reincarnation are no longer fanciful theories relegated to feeble and superstitions minds. Evidence coming from the four quarters of the globe, supporting this fact are too numerous and overwhelming. These baffle even the most skeptical of scientists. Pythagoras, the Greek Philosopher remembered some of his past lives; He remembered his name in a previous birth, visited the scene of battle of that time and found the very shield he then used. Schliemann’s passion for Homer as a boy, later made him the remarkable archaeologist, who discovered in the Trojan plain, the very weapons that Homer describe. Theresa von Konuersreuth of Czechoslovakia could speak pure Armanian in trance. She believed in a life in the Galilee of Christ. At Vera Cruz, Mexico, a seven-year-old healed people by prescribing vegetable remedies. He believed that in a precious life he was the great Doctor Jules Alpherese. Mozart composed minuets before he was four. Beethoven performed in public at eight and published compositions at ten. Handel gave concerts at nine. Chopin played public concerts before nine. Samuel Wesley played the organ at three and composed an oratorio at eight. Christian Heinrich Heinecken was able to speak at ten months. By the time he was one year old he knew the principal incidents in the Pentateuch. At two he had mastered sacred history. At three he had an intimate knowledge of history and geography, both ancient and modern and was able to speak French and Latin. At four he had started studying religious and church history. The sensation was such that crowds flocked to discourse with him. At four, soon after he learned to write, he died. The phenomenal mental ability of child prodigies and Adepts as well as the ability to recapture past life experiences is not the result of learning anything new. It is purely the facility to remember that few of us are gifted with. This point is explained later. If you make a speech mistake; if you forget a name or place; if you carry out an erroneous action; if you injure a finger or fall in the street; then, depend on there are reasons for them to be so. Sigmund Freud has mass of evidence to prove his accuracy. Certain friends avoided Freud for the fear that they would betray their innermost secrets even in a brief conversation. Freudians base their cures on psycho-analysis. However, Freud could regress the mind only up to birth and so had no clue to diseases and phobias acquired prior to birth. That disease is of the mind and that disease could be cured by the mind is the broader view. Where the Psychologist failed the Hypnologist took over. The Hypnologist through age regression tracing life from the present to hundreds or thousands of years back, has thrown a flood of light on so controversial a subject as rebirth. Re-birth, today, is an established fact. The disturbing evidence found in such abundance cannot be lightly brushed off. In recent years Moray Burnsteins Bridey Murphy and Mrs. Naomi Henry have created world shaking news in this regard. Character traits, vocational abilities and historical epochs related to individuals who come under scrutiny from various parts of the world are found to be in complete harmony with the Psychology of Kamma. Plato, Vergil, Ovid, Giordano Bruno, Shelling Libnitz, Fichte, Emerson, Flammarian, Carlyle, John Masefield, Gandhi and Tagore are some of the world intellectuals who have some form of belief in rebirth. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and the Egyptian religion uphold similar beliefs. It would have induced more intellectual respectability, if the fact that the intellectuals of the world, together with more than half the population on the planet, believed in some form of rebirth was better known. Materialism, theological rigidity, religious orthodoxy, ignorance, indifference, vested interests and other impediments bar our progress in these investigations. The skeptic who has the daring and the wherewithal to investigate is always overwhelmed by the mass of the evidence and proof. Proof, today, is the only thing that matters. One of the first books on rebirth to come from the west was Fielding Hall’s ``Soul of a People’‘. Hall was an English Judge in Burma during the British conquest of that country. This splendid book details his personal investigations at first hand. The account first deals with those invisible beings called Nats that inhabit trees and enchant forest and mountain glades. His evidence on factual rebirth are illuminating of special note is the case of the aged Buddhist monk, who, in the evening of his life, planted Teak saplings in the garden around his temple. When questioned why he was so doing in his old age, he has replied that, after his demise, the temple would fall to the ground and it will be no more. The children of the village will then have nowhere to go for instruction in the three R’s and in the Norm. So when the trees are fully grown, he will be born again, to use the mature timber for erecting a better temple, to meet the village’s needs. The decades rolled on and memories were forgotten. But, one evening in the dusk, when the village belles were at the well drawing their last supply of water for the day, there appeared from the forest a young Buddhist Priest. Since it was getting dark, the men of the village improvised a place for his stay near the ancient ruin. Days went by but the priest did not leave. The villagers liked it all the more, because the priest filled for them a long felt need. They were astonished at the young priest’s intimate knowledge of local history. The stranger was then identified as the aged priest of yore. The timber was felled and a new temple was erected. During World War One a British Officer took shelter for the night in this temple. That was how Fielding Hall came to record the evidence through his judicious pen. An excellent book to hold the field for several years was Shaw Desmond’s ``Reincarnation for Everyman’‘. Highly accomplished and talented, Shaw Desmond is the founder of the International Institute for Psychical Research. His evidence is from many parts of the world. He remembers several of his former lives. On his first visit to Denmark, to his own amazements, he lectured to an assembly for one hour and forty-five minutes in Danish, a difficult dialect which he had never learned. He has illustrated how the teachings of Christ embody reincarnation. His documented case of Vishwa Nãth, born on 7th February, 1921, at Bareilly, India is important. When Vishwa was one-and-a-half years old he inquires about a place called Pilibhat, wished to know its distance from his town and begged his parents to take him there. He claimed a previous life in Pilibhat, and at three, he gave a detailed account of his previous life and his associations. His father in the previous birth was a Zemindar who was fond of wine, rohu fish and nauchgirls. All the details were confirmed by those who remembered the man and his tastes. When he was taken to the house in which he lived it was exactly as he had earlier described. In a group photo he singled out two individuals and established his identity. His neighbour had been Lala Sunder Lal, who had a green gate, a sword, a gun and held nauch-parties. These were recognized and confirmed. He claimed to have studied up to the 6th Class in the Gorverment School and knew Urdu, Hindi and English. He gave the correct position of Class 6. Two of his former schoolfellows confirmed these. He described his teacher and played tabla with ease; things he had never seen before. It was then revealed that Babu Laxmi Narin had died at Shajehanpur on 15th December, 1918, at 32, of lung trouble. He was reborn within two years of his death. The Buddhist Publication Society of Kandy has issued a brilliant booklet called ``A Case for Rebirth’‘ by Francis Story. Rev. Leslie D. Weatherhead has produced a pamphlet from the commonsense point of view called ``The Case for Reincarnation.’‘ Dr. Alexander Cannon’s ``Sleeping Through Space’‘. ``The Power Within’‘, "The shadow of Destiny’‘, "The Invisible Influence’‘ etc., are wonderful, marvellous. ``Evidence for Survival From Claimed Memories of Former Incarnations’‘ is by Dr. Ian Stevenson. This is the prize winning essay he compiled in honour of the famous Psychologist, William James. Dr. Stevenson was in India in September, 1964, making a scientific investigation on rebirth. In Ceylon he associated himself with the Gnãnatilakã case, which he thinks is one of the very best in regard to both documentary evidence and psychological interest. This documented and illustrated report is now available in book form.
Gina Cerminara’s ``Many Mansions’‘ and ``The world within’‘ open a fascination vista in the Psychology of Kamma and Rebirth. These two simple, yet erudite tormes provoke vigorous thinking. The golden thread that vibrates through both works is essentially Buddhist. More than 30,000 casehistories from the library of the medically famous medium, Edgar Cayces, has helped her out of much disputed notions with painstaking research and clarity. This survey covers more than 30,000 years; from Atlantian, Egyptian and Asian periods to modern times. About 75 books are said to contain accounts of Atlantis, with a civilization superior to any that exists. It is believed that in a temple in forbidden Tibet the map of Atlantis is preserved on a tablet. About 25,000 years ago this continent sank in the Atlantic, resultant on the great deluge and global upheaval. The marble column of an ancient Atlantian temple was discovered in 1956 off the coast of the Island of Bimini, which was the highest area left above water, of that continent. Gina Cerminara illustrates how Kammic reactions work through a judicious psychological process. The findings are her observable attributes gained through research in the Cayces material. Why one is ailing, disabled, handicapped, frustrated or endowed with health and beauty, success and harmonious life, are shown with determinant psychological causes. Frowning and threatening; mocking at the maimed and the disable; rape murder and subterfuge; gluttony, gourmandizing and sensuality; hates jealousies and suspicions; secret motives and sinister deeds; lies and clever words we manipulate to impress our sincerity when we are not sincere; have their determinant psychological reactions. Sickness, ugliness, deformity, dispossessions, want and hunger are penalties for evil behaviour. Health, beauty, symmetry, plenty, position and fame are reward for good. The impartial and judicious reactions in their varying degrees are appropriately determined by one’s ancient behaviour. One is responsible only for himself. If one is not careful as to how he raises the mound, unwittingly he will be digging his own grave. Smallness of stature and inferiority complex are the direct result of a previous attitude of haughtiness, superiority or condescension. Cruelty or abuse, whether physical or psychological, can produce, in a later life, sickness, deformity
or inferiority in the body ¬ the sickness, deformity or inferiority being appropriate to the cruelty or abuse earlier dispensed. The results of Kamma are manifold; punishment or reward being always appropriate to the vice or virtue involved. If you have a greedy eye for other’s possessions, the very privations you visited on them, shall certainly visit you by way of poverty, dispossession, homelessness and hunger. If, at a time of crisis, you took your own life, depriving your mate and children of the love and care they need, your lack of honour and responsibility will bring about a similar situation, where you will suffer loneliness and anxiety of mate and children and home. One who will not give a patient hearing to another’s entreaties, while he could, will be born deaf. One who blinds others or stares at them to frighten and terrify them will be born blind. One who eats to excess now will inherit digestive troubles later. One who mangled and maimed the limbs of others may be born to suffer as a cripple. One who burned or drowned or threw others as prey to wild animals shall suffer the same agonies in a later life. Mockery and criticism of others bring about similar retribution, physically and mentally, in a later life. Infidelity to a mate in the past will react as infidelity from a mate now. The abusive attitude of the mistress now could change the situation with her maid in the future. Talents and abilities cultivated in one life may be carried over to the next. The absence of cruelty to self and others, loving care and maintenance of one’s body, cultivation of the fine arts, spiritual dedication and selfless service, promote physical beauty. In suspension Kamma, one has to live out a few lifetimes, until a suitable period in time arrives, when those involved too shall be re-born, to enable one’s debts to pay. The functioning of the Endocrine glands has primary responsibility for what one is physically, mentally and morally. One is the creator of one’s own body, which is only the objectification of his inward reflection. The visible body is the key and clue to the nature of the creator within. Dependent on the function or malfunction of the inherited endocrine equipment one may be intelligent or a dunce, a follower or a leader, a genius or a lunatic. Conditioned by the mind the ductless glands function as store-houses or focal points of determinant Kamma. The exact mechanism by which the endocrines influence the biological process is yet unknown to modern medical science. But the Eastern Adepts knew. Since the eighteenth century much experimentation has been done in the West in this regard. The ductless glands are known as the endocrines or hormone producing glands of internal secretion. They are all ductless excluding the sex glands, which are partially ductless. These glands without ducts are mere factories whose function it is to produce certain substances and introduce them into the blood. They are closely connected to the mind and its emotions. The Endocrines were first thought to be rudimentary organs that were gradually atrophying in the human evolutionary process. Yet, their accidental proved fatal. Glandular grafting or injections removal proved results beyond the wildest dreams. They rejuvenated mind and gland are interactive and co-related. The various glands have a direct influence on the physical, mental and moral natures of the individual. The Hatha Yoga, for thousands of years, taught meditations to activate these glands for spiritual purposes. Occultists decry animal glandular grafting for fear of devolution and descending into sub-human levels. In the pure glandular type of man, one gland by being above the average or by being below it, begins to exercise the dominating influence on the individual. In every emergency it stands out shewing traits and attributes peculiar to the individual. Why is one tall or short, fat or lean, prone or otherwise to disease, domineering or dominating, allergic or immune, monogamous or polygamous, clever and fraudulent or clumsy and dishonest, saint or sinner, prince or pauper, artist or tailor, soldier or sailor, is dependent on these glands. They are mind conditioned and are resultant on our ancient attitudes, platitudes, environments, cultures and cultivation. Without cultivation it will not take the inheritors far. The spirit within is responsible for the body of its creation. Family heredity exists. Yet we draw heredity only from ourselves, though parents are useful, helpful and influencing. The quality of our physical, mental and moral traits at the moment is due to a correspondingly proportionate or disproportionate use of it in the past and is indicative of a proportionate or disproportionate attitude deep rooted in the mind. And now almost all diseases are said to be `psychosomatic’. In other words they are Kammic. It will interest us to study concurrently the Sãkya Muni’s discourse of the ``Chula Kamma Vibhanga Sutta’‘ with the Mánawaka, the Thodeyya Puttha Subha. 2,500 years ago, the Supreme scientist and psychologist of all time, revealed these very facts of life, which we are just beginning to rediscover. In ancient terminology, the ductless glands were known as `Chakras’ or `Padmas’: `Wheels’ or `Lotuses. Excluding the higher Adepts, very little is known about these glands. The less spoken about them, the better. Three tracts of nervous energy flow through the seven nerve centres or glands. These correspond to certain parts of the physical body and since they exist in another dimension they cannot be exactly identified. The spine is the chief tract of nervous energy and from this the Chakras act as centres of diffusion. The Thyroid gland controls growth of skin, its hairiness or otherwise and its amount of moisture and mucus. It determines the growth and size of bones, is responsible for the dullness or keen of intellect and it controls the speed of living. The Pituitary gives good blood pressure, sustained interest and zest. It governs the brittleness or elasticity of bones, tallness or shortness of skeleton and the size of hands and feet. The Adrenals influence sex, blood pressure and heart. When fear or rage excites this gland the senses are made supersensitive and superlative feats of strength and endurance are possible. The Thymus is concerned with the sex life of certain individuals, it keeps children’ `childish’, produces childish `grown ups’ and creates `feminine’ men. The Gonads are ovaries in females and testis in men. It has influence in the brain. The pineal is referred to as ``The Third Eye’‘ or ``The Sahasrara Chakra’‘ or the thousand-pettled lotus. It inhibits during childhood the functioning of the Thyroid, Pituitary and the Adrenals and restrains the growth of sex glands in infancy. It causes intelligence or the lack of it. It could promote brilliance, genius super-normal intelligence and high spirituality. A proper understanding of the ductless gland could give us balanced and harmonious life. Thought power directed wisely and well could produce anything, create anything and change anything in our life and circumstances. In recent times the Hypnologist has delved deep enough through regression for a true understanding of the cause of and cure for peculiar human, physical and mental traits. What a man thinks, believes, talks and does in his daily life has much to do with his health and personal problems as do contaminated foods, poisons, disease germs, unhygienic surroundings, grousing neighbours, bodily accidents and
financial fluctuations. It is not only useless but it is also a waste of time if one were to help psychically, medically, legally or financially a person who is sick or in financial straits or has trouble with his associates, if that person still continues to think and act in the irreligious and inharmonious manner, which are the real cause of his trouble. One must do the realisation himself. One cannot do an injustice to another or take advantage of another or live a dual role of life without bringing into himself inevitable suffering and pain consequent on these very actions of his. Watch your thoughts. Without your knowledge you shall be riding pell mell into hell with smug satisfactions. No amount of fasts and meditations in this Samsãra will reward you with eternal Nibbána so long as you are disillusioned with the duality of life. Mental chemistry works wonders for you whether you are sharp enough or not. The mind never forgets even a faint and fleeting notion. The mind is elusive, plastic and flexible. According to your desire, your urge, your passion, your craving, your greed or your enthusiasm, you form a mental picture of your want. Little by little. bit by, grain by grain, brick by brick, this mental picture takes shape, size, form, colour, depth, density and reality, exactly as you desired. Then, with maturity and in time, its pulsating, vibrating, concrete form, will burst out from its secret womb of isolation into open reality, bringing you in its train, pain or pleasure, impartially and judiciously suited to the exact degree of your motive.
an ice box. The defrosted animal returned to life with no illeffects. Since then, the deep freezing method is now used for certain operations. At the Mayfair Hotel in London, Dr. Alexander Cannon, who is supposed to be the first scientist to split the atom and who originally dis believed Kamma and Rebirth, performed a dangerous experiment. On the Stage, on Chair No. I, a schoolmaster was put into deep hypnotic trance. His astral body was commanded to sit on Chair No. 2. And his ethereal body was ordered to sit on Chair No. 3. For the fist time in public man’s three bodies were demonstrated shewing immortality. The several experiments were witnessed by a body of scientists, by medical men and by an array of hardboiled lawyers. Those who have been initiated into the higher mysteries can, by Astral Projection, travel astral anywhere. Physical objects, then, are no barrier. The secret, as all great truths, is a simple one. It is this very simplicity that keeps away the undesirable from contacting knowledge. Knowledge without sila spells disaster. The Astral Body is the vehicle of consciousness. All impressions received by us, however faint and fleeting are recorded therein for all-time. Their power ceases only when Nibbána is realised. In the active state, the Astral Body resembles the Physical Body in detail. In the passive, the astral encloses the physical, as it were, in a golden bowl. The Ethereal Body, the energy or life content, lies in front of the spine, like a streak of silver light. In the exercise of meditation, the energy from the sex glands flows upwards, serpentining and connecting the other ductless glands along the spine and ends at the Pineal gland (the thousand ¬ petalled lotus) atop the head like a hooded cobra. When the Pineal gland is developed, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, the gift of prophecy, casting spells, producing illusions and hallucinations, thought reading and thought transference, etc. could be induced. The Sammã Sam Buddha’s noticeable pronouncement atop his crown bespeaks Pineal Gland activity of the ultimate order. The Pãramis, as we know, were perfected by him for four assankeya and a 100,000 kalpas. Phrenologically, this area incorporates the moral group of Hope, Conscientiousness, Benevolence, Veneration, Firmness and Spirituality. In infants this area is termed `The Soft Spot’ and the pulse beat could yet be seen. Because of the opening of the Pineal gland in infancy, a `sixth sense’ enables them to see in the dark. Past life memories could
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The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it. -OmarKhayyam
A team from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, probing the Siberian ice, found at a depth of 15 feet, little sea animals and eggs, that were reckoned by scientific computing, to have been buried 3,000 years ago. Scientific thawing resurrected the animals that eagerly resumed normal functions of life. The eggs, after hatching, have produced several generations. On this point, scientists were arguing that if tiny creatures could lie dormant that long, man could do it longer. Life is immortal. In America, Dr. Ralph S. Willard, in order to destroy degenerate cells, froze solid a disease attacked monkey and kept if for a period in
be recapitulated. The gradual fade out of memories is due to the closing of the Pineal gland opening due to cranial hardening consequent on maturity. In the East this gland is activated through meditation, through mental-sound exercises, through physical operations and medicine. These secrets are known only to the Eastern Adepts. In the world today there are beings whose power stagger our imagination and whose mere willing would make kings and rulers reel. Vibration it is that differentiates one type of matter from another. Etheric vibrations of mind interpenetrates all things. Science is yet unable to explain the etheric fluid in which atoms revolve. The human aura and the colours associated with it are an indication of the mental, moral and spiritual evolution of the individual. The Aura has been termed the mental body, since it depicts mental evolution. The aura can be seen by the clairvoyant as well as by special photographic means. In the savage, who is only a little more removed from the animal, the aura is a mere watery bubble of undefined colours, adhering close to the body. In the developed man the aura extends to about 18 inches from the body, enclosing him like the shell or an egg. In the cultivated and the spiritualised being this extends to about 100 yards from the body and seven rays of light radiate upwards from the pineal gland atop the head. It has been said of the Omniscient One that his aura extended three miles around him. The more one is cultivated and accomplished, the more one has exercised his mind in the arts and in the sciences and the more one has devoted himself to things spiritual by fasts and meditation, the larger will be the aura around him. The more one is enlightened, the more will be the organization, order, luminosity and radiance of the auric colours. The Clairvoyant sees through these colours, the thought-forms of the individual as if he were listening to speech. The colours are a reflection of the mental and emotional states within, which form one’s character: one’s Kammic-consciousness. The colour vibrations we create now are carried over to the next life. Colours have a very definite influence on us, on our thoughts, on our health and on the refinements we so much desire. Properly applied colour-science could not only cure disease, but it could also promote health, wealth and happiness. Application of colours has to be done with a scientific knowledge and technical skill in order to promote harmonious life.

The colour vibration denoting unselfish affection is pale rose, that shewing intellect is yellow and that expressing sympathy is green. Blue betokens devotional feeling. Luminous lilac signifies spirituality. Orange typifies thought of pride. Irritability is indicted by light brown. Selfishness is grey-brown, Deceit is grey green. In intense anger the aura takes the hue of black interlaced with red streak of lightning. The good qualities of affection, devotion and intellect, when mixed with selfishness, tinges the radiance of their corresponding colours impure and muddy, with the brown of selfishness. Black shews malice and hatred. Livid grey indicates fear. Sensuality is shewn by a lurid brownish-red. Jealousy is brownish-green; its extreme activity is marked by scarlet flashes of anger piercing it. When the Astral Body is normal the aura generally assumes the hues of the emotions to which one yield most. Dependent entirely on his inherent character, each person has a different way of understanding even the simple good and bad. In this own light each person justifies himself, though he may fall pathetically short of the moral standard. Logic succeeds at the peril of morality. Education is a mere matter of learning. Sila has the quality of vision in it. Its end and aim is complete liberation. The same defect in character could make the educated man clever and fraudulent and the ignorant man clumsy and dishonest. We are the product of all our mental traits: the total of myriads of subtle influences that we have gathered, cultivated and inherited during countless lives. Feelings are fundamental. It is the desire that gets things done. It is the urge, the impulse, and the driving power that induces action. The seat of emotion is the Astral Body. Changes in the physical body are made by the emotions through the nervous system. These emotions have a direct bearing on the ductless glands. The ductless glands are focal points or store houses through which the determinate Kamma works. Our physical features have a mental significance. Physical function is the base on which mental manifestation rests. Function and faculty are interactive and co-related. The face alone is a key to one’s mental, moral and physical traits. The contour and shape of head, nose, mouth, lips, chin, eyes, ears, etc., together with their form, size, colour and texture and tone of skin, are a true indication of the characteristics of the man behind the mask. Even the writing of one accurately answers to
any detail of the individual. Even our mannerisms are a true indication of character. Whatever trail we leave behind that tells the story that is true. It is the Astral and the Ethereal that survives death. The Astral body is the vehicle of consciousness. The Ethereal is energy. Life is conscious existence. When the hour draws nigh for the consciousness to be liberated from the physical body and the life-force transferred to the next plane of survival, we awaken to the consciousness of astral matter and the functions of astral body. This state is familiar to those who have done Astral Projection. This technique involved in leaving the physical body inert, while the astral body could travel at will, where physical objects are no barrier. In Buddhist psychology twelve dominating causes are explained in detail for the continuity or the existence of the personality in the Samsãra as man, angel, god, elemental, animal etc. This is the answer to the speculative metaphysics of the West Whither and What am `I’? Under the influence of mental disharmony, ignorance of self-delusion, everything is viewed from the egocentric standpoint of desire. Due to preconceived notions of a permanent self there arises the desire for a permanent world with lasting pleasures. And as this cannot be found there arises despair, disappointment and suffering. The illusion of the `I’ conditions the mental tendencies. These in turn produce consciousness and a psycho-physical organism which uses its senses as media for craving. When the craving is satisfied there is intensified longing to such objects and aversion to obstacles on the way towards its fulfilment. Greed and hate are two aspects of the same element as craving. Clinging and craving binds us ever anew to the cycle of existence. Our will, our desire or our carving creates the world we live in complemented with the psycho-physical mechanism related to it. Correlative to this condition are disease, death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and discontent. The notion that ``This is I’‘ and ``This is mine’‘ is fantasy. The sum total of experienced thought, word and deed is Kamma. Outside Kamma there is no permanent `I’. The `soul’ is a heirloom coming down from peimitive philosophy. No life could be perfected until it is freed from the myth of `self’. No amount of fasts and meditations will enable us to realise eternal Nibbana until the `I’ is liquidated. This sublime psychology is profound and difficult to grasp.
Everything in creation is subject to change. Nothing stands still for two moments. The cosmic process continues from eternity. The infinite past is past. Eternally we live in the present. One alone must make the righteous assertion, here and now, to overcome evil and do good. The Samma Sam Buddha, the only grand personality in recorded history, was the first to contribute the boldest and the noblest approach ever, towards intellectual freedom. He discoursed: ``Do not believe anything because it is believed by parents, teachers, learned men, men of high position or by the majority of people or it is alleged to be a divine inspiration or it is said to be an oracle or because one’s consciousness says it is true or because it appears in books or because a certain individual emphatically says it is the truth. But believe a thing if it agrees with your reason, investigation and practical knowledge and if it conduces to your happiness and to the happiness of others". It is an axiom now, in councils of perfection in the West, that one is destined to live in the surroundings of his own creation, set by his own limitations governed by his own imaginings. A distorted lens distorts the vista when viewed through. The Buddhist lens is the Paticca Samuppãda. Through this refining sieve true vision is achieved for the realisation of eternal Nibbana. That is everlasting happiness. It is peace that surpasses understanding.
``Commit no wrong, but good deed do, And let thy heart be pure: All Buddhas teach this doctrine true Which will for aye endure.’‘
I claim no credit for the ideas contained herein. I have merely recapitulated, mostly from memory, the findings of loftier minds than mine. The ample reference indicated should enable the genuine seeker after truth to peep behind the veil for a glimpse into things that are not of this phenomenal world. May all beings be Well and Happy!

2553 – VESAK – 2009 The Buddhist
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