Affectionate Splendour

Taking Refuge with Pemasiri Thera

David Young


How many of us dream of taking a break from our everyday lives to study oneon one for years with a great spiritual master? That’s exactly what David Young has done, and in this lovely, compelling book, he offers us a taste of the richness of his years with Sri Lankan Theravada monk Pemasiri Thera. David writes well. He knows what he wants to say and puts it in plain, clear language. That’s a definition of good writing! Pemasiri Thera’s openness to David, and David’s openness to Pemasiri Thera and to the Dhamma, is moving and compelling, and it’s this openness that makes this book different from the many other perfectly fine Dhamma books. Again, though, the main thing I want to say is that this is a lovely, deep book. I thank David for introducing me to this extraordinary teacher.

- Canadian writer Jim Reil

Recently, there were two good yogis practising here at our centre. It was with lots of joy that I spoke with them and with lots of joy I taught them.

- Pemasiri Thera

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